Chris Terrell

I am a husband and father, and stepfather. I am Passionate about Processes and how people fit within the process, Tinkerer, and Youtube Creator with over 2 Million Views.

Angular Execution - Common Constraints

In "Angular Execution," the "Solution" sits on top of the "Problem," "Authority," and "Resources." The key is that the "Solution" is constrained and can only be as big as the smallest foundational triangle. These examples are typical constraints we all deal with

Knowledge Gap

Knowledge Transfer is the gap. We have plenty of tools for work and plenty of self-help solutions, and yet we have spent very little time identifying the gap. Transferring the correct knowledge to the right people is a game-changer in how Knowledge worker works.

Angular Execution

When Agile is Stuck, Scrum is blocked, Planning is Painful, and Implementations Stall, use Angular Execution to break through the chaos.