Knowledge Gap

Knowledge Transfer is the gap. We have plenty of tools for work and plenty of self-help solutions, and yet we have spent very little time identifying the gap. Transferring the correct knowledge to the right people is a game-changer in how Knowledge worker works.

Work Dopamine vs Deep Work

"Deep Work" is something I strive for and struggle to produce consistently. It is hard to manufacture consistently. On the other hand, I know Dopamine very well, and I habitually chase the dopamine hit. After chasing the high, I wonder why I am now satisfied.

Protest Behavior

Because of a book recommendation from a counselor, I started seeing protest behavior at work, and I noticed the subtle ways it was being expressed and how it was being filtered through a protective lens.

Actors at Work

Whether you like it or not, you are the starring actor at your day job. You are the main character, and the whole sitcom revolves around you. The spotlight is on you because, well, we don't have any other perspective. So the question is, who is directing this sitcom?