Change Management

Knowledge Gap

Knowledge Transfer is the gap. We have plenty of tools for work and plenty of self-help solutions, and yet we have spent very little time identifying the gap. Transferring the correct knowledge to the right people is a game-changer in how Knowledge worker works.

A Case for Process Debt

The idea of Process Debt stemmed from constantly hearing that this or that software was terrible. Looking under the hood, you will most likely find that the software unwieldy customization made it terrible. Any customization that doesn't add value or assist the workstream increases "Process Debt."

Complexity, Abstraction, and Simplicity

At their core, computers are simply a device of ones and zeros. However, all of the ones and zeros are hiding behind an abstraction. An abstraction is a layer within a system that hides complexity below. We don't think about all the hidden complexity in our world, but it is everywhere.