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Maybe 68%, 95%, or 99.7% is Better than 100%

Work (and life) is more like Poker than Chess. It is more like placing bets and managing probabilities. It is about prediction and forecasting. It is more about managing your and others' insecurities, irrationalities, and inadequacies.

Salesforce Reporting and Process Debt

Managers and end-users love Salesforce reports because they have access to a powerful dataset. End-user usually have tactical reports, and managers have reports that provide a general overview. These reports generally bubble up within the organization, which can be the start of Process Debt.

Measure the Opposite

As I started reflecting on the past year and the new year ahead, I started thinking about what I measured, and it made me think about how I measured my daily work and realized I was measuring the wrong things

How to Read, Write, and Present Internal Reports

Making a report has never been easier. Most of us sit on mounds of data waiting to be mined for is precocious insights. Use these tips to make sure you ask the right questions when presenting a report and presenting the correct information when creating or delivering a report.