Does My Blind Spot Make Me Look Good

What is funny about our other blind spots in life is we don't see our own but have an uncanny ability to notice others. This bias is probably as old as time. We are excellent at noticing people's weaknesses, missteps, and misrepresentations of reality.

Work Dopamine vs Deep Work

"Deep Work" is something I strive for and struggle to produce consistently. It is hard to manufacture consistently. On the other hand, I know Dopamine very well, and I habitually chase the dopamine hit. After chasing the high, I wonder why I am now satisfied.

Place Your Bets Not Your Fears

I want more productive meetings. But, this week, I noticed something, and I couldn't get it out of my head. The meeting was routine, but we weren't defining the problem. So, instead, we got stuck talking about generalities and spiraled into fear.